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Sydney’s music industry professionals usually get their ‘kicks’ from discovering new talent, releasing music, running festivals, promoting, publicising or going on tour. But for one priceless networking day of the year, a number of highly respected music companies will turn on their ‘out of office’ and head to Marrickville for a day of football and fundraising – MUSICA COPA!

What are you wasting for? KIKOFF Christmas Gala Day

On December 16th KIKOFF will be running the first of our annual Christmas Gala Day’s. The day will be chance for our 2000 players across the Football Development Squads, Soccer Schools and Kikstarters to celebrate all the hard training and achievements our players have made this past year.

Five life benefits of entering a five a-side football league

As we get older, more and more people (myself included) exert the majority of their time and energy in to their work. Granted, work is important but we should all remember that we should work to live and not live to work! Entering a five a-side league is a commitment that can take your mind off of work and get you some valued time with the boys! Here are a few benefits of entering a five a-side competition.

Return of Summer Soccer

It’s back – Our Term 4 Off-season Summer Soccer program kicked off last week with over 500 JUNIOR players participating over 3 locations!