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#RaiseYourGame or #PlayYourGame? What’s Best for Your Kids?

Ready to get your kids’ activities sorted for school holidays? At Kikoff, we have two great options for holiday camps. Your kids can choose which one they prefer based on how much experience they have, and whether they want to seriously uplevel their skills or just learn the basics and have fun.

What are KIKOFF Holiday Camps?

School holidays can be tough for both kids and parents. If you work full-time, arranging childcare can be a nightmare. If you work from home, you’re often continually interrupted by “He’s hitting me,” or the ever-popular “I’m bored.”

Importance of letting them play

angry soccer coach
I am writing about this as it is something I see on the sidelines weekly, and it continues to be a huge issue within youth development. Go to any game up and down the country this weekend and you will see coaches screaming instructions to their players throughout the game. Not only does this make them nervous and confused, it has an extremely negative impact on their development.  Continue reading…

Free Football Development Squad Trial Sessions

Football Development Squad
During the Easter Holidays KIKOFF Soccer Centres along with it’s development squad partners Sport Advisory Services, Upper 90 College and Academy of Sport Speed & Agility will be holding free trial sessions at all our locations. Come along to get a taste of our program, you will take part in a professional football coaching session and get an insight into playing at a professional club.
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