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Need to Unwind? How Sport can Help you De-Stress

Stress is inevitable for most people, and while its impossible to eliminate it completely, it is possible to manage it effectively so it doesnt control your life.


In a survey by WayAhead, 75% of the Australians surveyed said that stress was adversely impacting their physical health, and 64% said it was impacting their mental health.


Stress also costs the Australian business sector more than $10 billion a year. This is due to workplace absences, loss of productivity, and more.


While stress can sometimes feel overwhelming, its a normal emotion that can be managed with some smart techniques. And sport is one of the best ways to destress. Heres why:



Theres a reason why the rush we feel with endorphins is known as runners high.And you dont need to be a long-distance runner to get this feeling. Not only does sport release these mood-boosting hormones, but youll enjoy them for 90-120 minutes after youve finished playing.



Got a lot going on in your life? Participating in sports (particularly a group sport) is a good way to draw your focus away from the things that are stressing you out. Thinking about something else and being present in the moment is almost like meditating, allowing you some relief from the worries going through your head.



Theres a reason why so many of us are sprawling on the couch after a long day at work. Over time, stress uses up our precious energy, making us feel fatigued. Exercise gives us some of that energy back and can heighten our stress tolerance.


While it can seem like an effort to go and play a sport when youre tired, youll be rewarded with much more energy after the game, so you can tackle the things that need to be done.



When playing a team sport, youll also have plenty of time to socialise. And for most people, this is a huge part of an effective stress-management plan.


Socialisation has also been found to go hand-in-hand with a release of oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone.This promotes a feeling of well-being, reduces stress, and helps us feel more confident in our coping abilities.



Playing a sport has been linked to greater feelings of self-esteem. And theres little doubt that we all feel good when we manage to steal the ball or score a goal. Interestingly, our level of self-esteem can also influence our ability to cope with stressful situations.


One study of students who were about to take a school exam found that the kids with higher self-esteem were less likely to get upset when responding to stress.



How to Get Back into Shape (Without the Treadmill)

It happens to all of us- we get busy with work and other commitments, and before we know it were huffing and puffing every time we have to take the stairs.

Many people believe that if they want to get back into shape they need to spend hours on the cardio machines at the gym. If youre the type who loathes the treadmill or cross-trainer, its time to accept that 60 minutes of cardio four times a week probably isnt going to get you back in shape.


Sure, that first week youll feel like a champ. But life is hard enough without adding in activities you dislike, and within a month youll be skipping your cardio sessions.


Look on the bright side- if youve tried to get in shape before and fell off the wagon, at least you know that that method doesnt work for you.


Here are some ways you can get back into shape while still enjoying the foods and activities you love.  


Strength training

If youre hoping to get back into shape, strength training is one of the best ways to rev up your metabolism, burn calories, and tone your muscles. And strength training isnt just about looking good- the stronger you are, the easier life is. Carrying groceries and kids, or lifting heavy items around the house is much easier when youre used to lifting.


Strength training can help with anxiety, increase cognitive function, and prevent osteoporosis. Youre also likely to see results in a short amount of time, which keeps you motivated (and more likely to keep going).


If youre new to strength training, ask a personal trainer to give you an introduction to some of the best exercises (think squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pullups etc). They can check your form and teach you how to use some of the machines before you lift solo.


Fun cardio

Keyword: Fun. Anyone who says they enjoy slogging it out on the cross-trainer for an hour is a dirty liar. Instead, incorporate your cardio with something you find fun, and you wont even notice youre getting fit and healthy- youll be too busy enjoying yourself.


Grab some mates and sign up for a 5-a-side league. Whether youre new to football or played regularly while younger, its a great way to blow off some steam while improving your cardiovascular health.


Want to get seriously fit while improving your skills? Check out football conditioning with top coaches and customised programs.

Of course, there are plenty of other options for fun cardio as well. Join a running club, play some basketball, or even try trampolining.



Thats right, if you want to get back into shape, youll need to take control of your diet. 80% of your results come from the food youre putting in your mouth. That doesnt mean that you need to live on kale and tofu though (unless that sounds delicious to you).

Interview with Perry Moustakas

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Football Player Recovery
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