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What happened in August at KIKOFF

The last month has been an extremely exciting time at KIKOFF. While we are busy preparing for our busiest summer ever, with more programs than before on offer across more locations, we have been fortunate enough to be involved heavily with the FFA cup at the business end! Our coaches Perry Moustakas and Chaz Samushonga led out their NPL 2 team Bankstown Berries against the best team in Australia Sydney FC. Many of us were amongst the 2,500 people at Edison Stadium and the Berries did not look to far away from the Sydney FC pros.

Creating a learning environment – Part 2

Football Coach
In my last article entry, I touched briefly on archaic coaching methodologies and their prevalence in the world of youth sport. Ultimately, I wanted to address one key issue – whether or not the command style, dictator coach still has a place, or a meaningful impact, when it comes to creating a learning environment for young players? Or if its time they hung the boots up (shocking football pun) in favour of a more player-centered approach? Continue reading…

Creating a learning environment – Part 1

Football Coach
The principal philosophy of youth sport should be to create environments, in training & matches, that are conducive to lifelong learning and enjoyment of the sport. Partaking in youth sport is not just the opportunity to learn skills that will benefit individual development within sport, but the opportunity to learn skills that can be applied to life outside of sport as well. Continue reading…