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Greta North and Michael White

Dear Kikoff,

I want to thank you for the fantastic time my 3 year old son Malachi is having with Ben at Kikstarters on Thursday mornings at Kensington.

I enrolled Malachi in Kikstarters due to how impressed we have been with the quality of the coaching our 8 year old has received with Leon, Ben and the other Kensington coaches during term 1 and the April school holiday camp. It is our first year with Kikoff. The training at this level is unparalleled in our experience and the development and comradeship that we’ve seen in all the children is both commendable and remarkable. And by the way, how do you get those children’s full attention for almost one and a half hours?

For our toddler we tried another company’s soccer program in term 1 which in itself was fine but Malachi refused to take part to the point that he wouldn’t let me put him down to even kick the ball. It was the same story for all the activities, whether sport or music, that we were doing with Malachi in term 1.

In week 2 of Kikstarters with Ben my Velcro child was quite happy for me to retreat to the pitch gate and I’m quite sure could have cared less by the end of the session if I’d been sitting down outside. Ben engaged him in a whole host of activities which saw him participating in lots of fun soccer activities but also incorporating colour recognition, counting and listening to and layering of instructions.
In conclusion Ben is actually the most patient person on the planet and I haven’t seen my son so full of joy and happiness all year, and that is without exception. We will be forever grateful to Ben and Kikoff for the change we can already see in Malachi.

Thank you so much for making this program available. Please continue it on for as long as possible at Kensington.

Kind regards,

Greta North and Michael White