Pre Season Training

Christmas is coming so it’s time to plan to work off those extra calories and get ready for the Winter Season with the Pre-Season Training Guide courtesy of or friends over at FourFourTwo Performance.

Week One

It’s the first week of pre-season and that means just one thing: get those legs moving. But don’t worry we’re not going to let you die on your feet. With the help of Bolton nutritionist Mayur Ranchordas we’ll make sure you’re eating for energy and intensity.


Week Two

Win those crucial 50-50s by improving your upper body and core strength by introducing our unforgiving circuit.Don’t worry it’s not all work and no play. If you want a guilt free quick nibble and you’re not sure how to snack healthily? Fear not, help is at hand – this week’s guide has just the answer.


Week Three

It’s the half way point of pre-season, your legs feel like jelly and your arms like dead weights, but the foundations for your base fitness have been laid. Now it’s time to work on your speed and agility. Manchester City’s strength and conditioning coach, Simon Bitcon, has devised a drill to hone your dynamic mobility. So step in and out of those cones to develop a split-second change of direction.


Week Four

Put in the legwork in week four and a solid lower body is only a hop, skip and jump away. Worried you’re going to run out of steam? Give yourself that extra kick for afternoon training with the fine sandwich fillers our guide introduces a fortnight from the finishing line.


Week Five

This week focus on building your ‘football speed’ ahead of the big kick-off by boosting your pace over five yards. After weeks of hard graft it’s time to give yourself a treat. Save the guilt and break your diet the right way.


Week Six

You’re nearly there. Five weeks of hard graft are behind you and the first whistle of the new season is about to blow. It’s time to put all your hard work to the test by taking it to the pitch for the all-round drill featured in this week’s guide. And to ensure you’re properly fuelled for the big kick-off we have with the ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions.