5aside Football Formations

As we have a bunch of new 5-a-side leagues about to start, and two big money cash prize tournaments coming up, here is some simple advice many of you will probably already know (but perhaps won’t do) when building your 5-a-side team.

We see 100’s of teams at very different levels of the game come through our centres, but each and everyone could benefit from sticking to a few of the below key points. Winning’s not everything – but let’s be honest nobody plays the game to lose:

Get a good goalie!

Having someone who is not only a great shop stopper, but can also help build an attack would be ideal. In a game where there are lots of attacks on goal, having someone who doesn’t mind objects travelling towards them at 70-90 mph will give you a fantastic chance win the game!

Play a 1-2-1 formation

Sticking to this formation will mean you are covered across the pitch both on and off the ball. In the position however you are asking a lot of running from the two guys in midfield – essentially like the modern day full back, requiring to make it a 3 when defending, and the a quick transition to make a 3 when attacking – and back again!

Makes sure players play in their best positions

It seems that when it comes to playing 5-a-side, everyone suddenly becomes a striker! If you are a top defender – defend! This is just as important, if not more so in the 5-a-side format. Having a guy that is responsible to sit and defend, and hold play up while the team gets back in to position is vital to stop the most common ways goals are scored in 5-a-side…

Be organised, counter attack and shoot often

While we all want to have lots of touches on the ball and play beautiful ‘tikka-takka’ style football, its seems to us to be much more effective to let teams have the ball, force and error and counter quickly with quality, making sure a shot on goal is had. You see this in the full field format very often, but with there being very little to time and space before a shooting opportunity comes about, we see lots of goals scored this way.

Enjoy your time!

Most importantly is this last one. We all play the game for this very reason, but somehow seem to all to often forget it. I have absolutely no doubt if you are enjoying your time playing, you will be a much better player as well!

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