Frequently Asked Questions


Are the pitches floodlit?

Yes all our pitches are fully floodlit so you can play long into the evening.

When are they open?

Our fields are available from approximately 8am until 10pm during the week and from 8am until 8pm at weekends, but check our locations page for exact opening times for each of the centres.

How do bookings work?

KIKOFF will always have a manager on duty when you play, so there is someone to direct you to your pitch and help you out where needed. Bookings are essential as the pitches are locked when not in use, during off-peak periods the manager is only present when there are bookings.

What footwear can I wear?

Our facilities use the latest generation artificial grass with a sand or sand/rubber infill so you can wear any footwear including studs.

Am I insured?

KIKOFF insure all registered players that take part in our KIKOFF 5-a-side Leagues and Football Coaching Programs. All other users of the facilities must take out their own insurance policies if they wish to be insured in case of injury. Those players taking part in coaching programs or competitions not organised by KIKOFF must ensure that the coach or association that they play with has adequate insurances in place. For more information see our Football Insurance page.

What is 5-a-side?

5-a-side can refer to any sports game that is played with 5 players on each side. The 5-a-side soccer that KIKOFF play allows for play off the walls to create a fast flowing game with fewer stoppages. This allows for more game time than Futsal or other variations of soccer.

Can I choose what night I play?

Yes you can choose which night to play, where we have enough teams we grade the divisions on a particular night.

How long are the seasons?

During a season you will play each opposing team twice then the top four will play finals in the final week. The length of the season depends upon the number of teams in the league. If there are 8 teams then you will play 14 games and then an extra week if you make the finals.

How much is registration?

$0! KIKOFF do not charge registration fees for our Leagues. There is a non-refundable $180 deposit when you sign up which will come off your final bill.

How much are games?

Team fees are $90 per team per game (unless stated otherwise on the registration page), so for an eight team senior competition you will play 14 games so $1,260. There are no match fees charged for finals matches.

Can I pay weekly?

Teams wishing to pay weekly can do so as a valid VISA/Mastercard is required to secure your place in the competition. The card will be charged in advance for the match fee the afternoon before you are due to play. If a team paying weekly pulls out of the competition then the credit card will be charged the balance for games left to play unless a replacement team is found.

How long are games?

Games for all age groups are 18 minutes each way with a four minute half time. You should be ready to play at least 10 minutes before your game is due to begin so allow 45 minutes each week for your game.

How many players can I register?

KIKOFF allows up to 15 players to be registered in any one team, though only 9 can play on match days.

What are the rules?

The full competition rules can be found on the 5-a-side league page for your local centre.

What time are kikoffs?

Generally game times are between 6.30-10pm on weekdays and during the day at weekends. You can request to have earlier or later games but we can’t guarantee this.

Are we insured?

Yes. KIKOFF have Player accident insurance for all registered players playing in our competitions

Are games refereed?

Yes, we use referees for all games

When do leagues run?

Leagues run year round. As soon as a season finishes we look to start a new season straight away.


Do we need shin guards?

Yes, players not wearing shin guards will not be allowed to play, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Do we need a kit?

Yes, teams are required to turn up in a matching kit (preferably with numbers on the back). Kits are available from the KIKOFF Kit Store.

Bibs will only be provided for a colour clash. If a team needs to wear bibs due to their teams colours not matching, a fee of $10 will be charged.

How do I join?

Online via the upcoming leagues page. Choose your division and enter your details as the team captain. You will then be emailed a link to enter your other players details.

How do I book?

The best way to book is via the online booking system, on here you can view availability for the next 10 days and book pitches immediately with a VISA/Mastercard. If you can’t book online then you can send us an email or give us a call, a credit card number will be taken to secure the booking but you can pay cash on the day. You can take your chances and just turn up but there must be a manager on duty to supervise.

How much does it cost?

Pitches can be hired at $100/hr after 6pm. Weekend bookings before 6pm are $80/hr and daytime bookings during the week are $60/hr.

90 minute bookings are available online or by request, subject to availability.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the booking is due to start, if you cancel before this time then we credit your account so that you can use your booking at another time. If you cancel your booking within the 48 hours of start time then we will do our best to find someone to take your spot but if we are unable to fill the timeslot then you will be charged the full amount for your booking.

Can I block book?

Yes we have block bookings available, subject to availability. If you wish to lock in a time every week then we can book you in for 10 sessions (or more if requested) at a time. Block bookings must be paid in advance at the start of the booking, so two weeks payment for the fist week then one week in advance each week following.

Block bookings during the week are extremely limited to allow access to the facility for all players.

Do you provide balls and bibs?

We can provide a ball for you to play with for a $50 deposit if you don’t have one, this must be returned at the end of the session otherwise you will lose your deposit.

Bibs (5) are provided as above with a $50 deposit. This will be returned if all bibs are returned otherwise a $10 per bib not returned will be charged.

How long do they last?

Our Birthday Parties last for 2 hours. You will have our dedicated coach to take care of 90 minutes of on field action, with the last 30 minutes used for cake/food and free time.

How do they usually work?

A typical format is:

  • As kids arrive the coach will set up 1v1’s, 2v2’s or a fun warm up
  • Coach will then begin a drill(at kids request) or set up teams
  • Kids will play a few games before having a break
  • Coach will then set up a tournament for the kids to play against each other.
  • Around the 90 minute mark the tournament will finish, allowing time for the birthday cake/food.
  • We can then finish with some free play, or a kids vs parents match!

How much do they cost?

Check our Kids Football Parties page for the latest pricing.

Do you have anywhere to put food/drink?

Each centre varies, but we will be able to provide a table/surface top to put food and drinks

What happens if it rains?

We are happy to reschedule in case of wet weather. We don’t have any undercover option, so we wont make the kids play in the rain (unless you want to!).

What is bubble Soccer?

Just like regular soccer, but each player is inside a giant inflatable bubble!

How much does it cost?

$175 for a 60 minute booking. This gives the pitch and 10 bubbles for 60 minutes!

Can we bring more than 10 people?

Yes. We in fact recommend you do so. It’s hard work inside them and you will want a break. It’s also lots of fun watching your mates go flying too!

Can we bring in our own bubbles?

No. Kikoff will provide any bubbles for these bookings.