Svi Ben David

Svi Ben David, is a great mentor who helped me personally develop not only as a GK but allowed my outfield play to flourish within the Viper’s team of old.

A man who has won multiple NSW Futsal Premier League ‘coach of the year’ awards and has done it all while been Club President and Head Coach of the Mascot Vipers. A true gem of Sydney football, helping today’s youth develop under his skilful tactics of the game. Following is a short interview of the man himself and his thoughts on the current state of football in Australia…

1. How many teams from mascot vipers competed in the finals?
Four in GRAND FINALS. One the Semi Finals.

2. Of those teams how many won?
Three teams.

3. How important do you believe 5-a side soccer is to the development of the new age player?
It is of paramount importance as the small sided game teaches you to think quickly and be very confident on the ball.

4. What would your advice be to a rising star wanting to improve his physical development in the game?
My advice to all sports people who want to excel in their field is to eat well and train regularly. In today’s sport physical excellence sometimes is more important than just skills. Being very skillful and unfit will get you nowhere.

5. How important is mental focus leading into a final series?
Sometimes it can be more important than the skill factor. Going into the Finals too confident often works against you. One must always turn up humble and focused on playing as part of team. At the highest level all players are good players so a mental focus can be the difference.

6. How can players prolong their career… Is physical fitness the way or diet the most important?
Both work hand in hand…. you must have both.

7. What is your favourite position and why?
When I played, my favourite position was the Pivot, I controlled the game and I could turn from defending my goal into scoring a goal. The beauty of Futsal is that in a matter of 2 passes you can be found in 3 different positions… movement, movement, movement!

8. Who do you support in world football?
No one in particular

9. What is the A-League missing, in terms of competing with the major European clubs?
Lack of skills, they do not promote the skilfull players, it is far too robotic.

10. What aspects of the 5-a side game can you then take out on an 11v 11 pitch?
Barcelona play the small sided game on a big pitch, dividing the field into small diamonds as per futsal. One can identify players on the big pitch who played Futsal, their ball control, first touch, confidence and too many other factors to mention… Pele, Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho is living proof that Futsal is an asset to any outdoor player.

11. What is the best sport or activity that best helps a player’s development outside football?
Any sport that can develop their speed and agility as well as eye and ball coordination.

12. How can people find out about upcoming trials and other information concerning the club?

13. Favourite breakfast to load up on before a morning game?
When you are young you get away with anything but as you get older i suppose good pasta.

14. What is the major difference between futsal and 11 a side technically and physically?
The differences are many,
Speed – Futsal is for short distance
Outdoor – short and longer distance
Space – Futsal-no space
Outdoor – Plenty of space
Tempo of the game – Futsal non-stop action
Outdoor – Varied speed
Ball skills – Both games require good ball skills but some outdoor defenders get away with average ball skills.
Physical attributes – Size is more important in outdoor, in defensive rolls especially.

15. As defending club champions, how likely are you to retain the cup this upcoming season?
It is going to very, very hard 30% CHANCE, remember what I said about staying humble and focused, what happened last season is in the past. We start a new season afresh.

Final statement:
As it is now, the outdoor game provides a financial future to a player who make it as a profession. Hence young players love and enjoy Futsal but realise that Outdoor should be their main goal. From my perspective, i help develop young players through Futsal for them to fulfil their dreams. I am a strong believer that up to the age of 14 all kids must play as much Futsal as possible. Thereafter if they are very good in outdoor and see a future in outdoor, they should focus on that. One must remember that as you get older and better the requirements to train are greater and more demanding. FUTSAL is the greatest development tool to any outdoor player.

I would like to extend my gratitude and congratulations to Svi Ben David and Nick Hanna for all they have done in my youth development and helping me grow with the club they now have successfully run and made into a state force to be reckoned with. From humble beginnings at 5 Kent rd Mascot, formerly, Mascot Indoor Central to the team of today… NSW Premier League Futsal Club Champions!!!