As this year continues to fly by, you may have thought about the fact that summer is just around the corner. And now is the perfect time to consider what sports your kids should play over the summer holidays.


Here are some reasons why your kids should play soccer this summer:


Enjoy a Solid Introduction

If your kids are new to soccer, playing for the first time over the summer is ideal. Summer is when they have free time and don’t’ need to worry about school work, making it a pressure-free environment so they can have fun while they learn the rules.


Your kids will also have plenty of time to practice their new skills over the summer. This means they’ll return to school with a solid grasp of how the game works and the different skills they need to work on through the year.


Work on Their Skills

If your kids have been playing soccer throughout the year, and they want to play over the summer, there’s no reason why they can’t keep playing. In fact, this will prevent them from getting rusty and allow them to work on their skills. After getting some pointers at soccer training, they can practice their techniques in the backyard or while playing a friendly game of neighbourhood soccer with their friends.


By playing year-round, kids can keep their momentum going, ensuring that they don’t lose the skill sets they’ve been developing.


Meet New Friends

For kids already playing on a soccer team, they may already be friends with many of their teammates. But if they’re new to soccer or just want to meet some new kids, summer soccer is a great way to do this. Many kids get bored over the holidays as their friends go off to summer camps or travel, and soccer will give kids the chance to socialise and have fun.

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Make the Most of Coaching and Games

Summer soccer combines drills, game play scenarios, and guidance from the coaches, with a game immediately after. This allows kids to immediately put their skills into practice and receive feedback from their coach.


Stay in Shape

Many kids are less active over the summer holidays. These days, kids have a tendency to spend their free-time inside. Playing summer soccer will ensure your kids stay fit and healthy, and let them burn off some of that energy. They’ll also be given feedback from the coaches and encouraged to practice during the week. This means they’ll be more likely to return to school in shape and ready for club soccer.


Stay Entertained

If your kids complain of boredom over the summer, soccer is a good solution. They’ll have training and a game each week, and when they say the “B” word you can hand them a ball and encourage them to practice their new skills. They can also arrange games with their new teammates through the week.


If you’re wondering what to do with your kids for the summer holidays, sign them up for soccer! Get in touch today to learn how Kikoff can help your kids learn new skills, make friends, and have fun this summer.

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