There are many different soccer clubs in the Inner West, but it’s important to choose carefully. If this is the first time your kids have played soccer, their impression of the sport will be formed quickly. That’s why it’s so important that they have a positive experience, so they can associate soccer with fun and will want to continue playing.


Things to consider when choosing a soccer club



The reputation and strength of a club are influenced by the leadership. But the coaches are the ones who will most directly influence your kids.


Coaches should have certifications and should be experienced with coaching kids of all ages. They should also have extensive experience playing soccer themselves. This will allow them to give your kids proper technical instruction.


The ideal coach will be an expert at balancing team dynamics and will spread their attention equally amongst all team members. You’re looking for a coach that will bring out the best in your kids, along with every other individual on the team. That means catering to many different learning styles and personalities.


Coaches should also be personable and willing to spend time answering questions and addressing any concerns with you.



When looking for a soccer club, you’ll also need to consider the facilities. Ideally, they should be close enough to your home that the idea of driving after a long day doesn’t seem exhausting.


The facilities will greatly impact your kids’ experience. They should be safe, contained, and clean.


The best facilities will have under turf drainage. That means kids can play throughout the year and are less likely to deal with the disappointment of cancelled games and practice sessions.

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Speak to the coaches about the club’s coaching methodology and philosophy. Do they have one? How do they get the most out of the kids they coach?


Check out their mission statement. Does it sound like the club has thought about their mission? Or is it just a catchy tagline or some jargon that doesn’t really mean anything?


One of the best ways to see if the coaches practice what they preach is to go along to a training session. Ask some of the parents what they think of the club, and read reviews and testimonials online. This will give you a good idea of the philosophy behind the club.


Ideally, the club should be focused on the long-term development of all players and definitely shouldn’t have a “win-at-all-costs” attitude to competition.




There’s a reason why team sports are so good for kids’ mental development. Soccer, in particular, teaches important teamwork skills. They learn when to go for the goal and when to pass. They learn that every member of the team is important. And they learn the importance of working together as a team.


These interpersonal skills will help your kids work with many different personalities throughout their lives.



Most importantly, the best soccer club is going to be the one your kids want to train at. The coaches should ensure all kids are having fun, even as they’re learning new skills. Most kids won’t want to play a sport if it always feels like hard work.


Introducing kids to sport while they’re young will ideally give them life-long enjoyment and a positive attitude towards sport in general. But that will only happen if their introduction to sport is also positive.
If you’re searching for kids soccer in the Inner West, look for a club that will allow your kids to have a free trial. That way you can talk to the coaches, speak with other parents, watch the practice, and see how your kids interact with the coaches and other kids.

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