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After children enter at the Kikstarters stage and become physically literate, they can continue on a pathway towards excellence through the Soccer Schools and into the Player Development Squad or choose a more recreational avenue within the Soccer Schools itself as not all kids strive for a career as a professional-footballer.

All our coaches have strength and conditioning training with ASSA whom we work closely with to ensure all players have access to everything they need for a career in sport.

For the players that want to play professionally our partners at SAS (Sport Advisory Services) have a wealth of experience as football agents to get you the trials and put you in front of professional teams. Unlike other “Acadamies”, our pathway is affordable and SAS are independent and therefore can put you in front of more clubs than other feeder academies.

By incorporating the four key cornerstones of long-term player development, KIKOFF seek to establish a solid foundation for a successful future in the game. The technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social aspects of the game are introduced using language that’s simple for young players to understand and apply in practice.

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Ages 2-5

Gross motor skills require recruitment and co-ordination of the major muscle groups. They develop and improve self and spatial awareness, balance, and both foot-eye and hand-eye coordination. Proper motor skill development will facilitate activities that require the left and right sides, and top and bottom sections of the body to perform independently of one another. Forming the base for an athletic life.

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Ages 5-12

The KIKOFF Soccer Schools is based on an international coaching model that helps boys and girls of all abilities to grow, develop their skills and to reach their potential. The four corner model encompasses four key attributes that are vital for any developing young footballer: Physical, Technical, Psychological and Social elements, helping children to develop more than just their football skills – we’ll help them to gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn to work as team and improve their decision making.

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Ages 6-15

KIKOFF recognises that many players miss out on ‘elite’ teams, then have nowhere else to learn the game from experienced and qualified coaches. We want to stop the trend of top coaches working only with the top players.

We are offering a professional, affordable season long (30 weeks) coaching program, whilst still enabling you to play at local clubs. Training will be twice a week, with a maximum of 12 to 1 coach to player ratio.

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We at Kikoff are aware that perfect practice makes perfect. That’s why we have taken the time to assemble a team of not only FFA Accredited coaches with over a decade of coaching experience worldwide, but also a team that are qualified in psychology, sports performance, physical education and sports management.

Contact our coaching staff to discuss your individual needs on 02 9119 3682 or email our Coaching Team


Ages 12+

Football Pathway Australia (FPA) is the extended version of the Football Development Squad. Players who show the commitment and ability needed for a future in Football will be offered the opportunity to team up with our partners in the FPA program.

  • Sport Advisory Services (SAS) – Football Agency
  • Upper 90 Asia Pacific – US Football Scholarships
  • Academy of Sport Speed & Agility (ASSA) – Strength and Conditioning experts


Ages 8+

Our team is available six days a week to develop players in the four components of football performance; technical, physical, tactical and psychological. 

Players will discuss with their coach verbal, visual and written feedback on a regular basis to ensure they are continuously improving.

Sessions are flexible around your current schedule and each player will be coached with his or her individual goals, strengths and weaknesses in mind.