Individual and Small Group Coaching

We at Kikoff are aware that perfect practice makes perfect. That’s why we have taken the time to assemble a team of not only FFA Accredited coaches with over a decade of coaching experience worldwide, but also a team that are qualified in psychology, sports performance, physical education and sports management.

Our team is available six days a week to develop players in the four components of football performance; technical, physical, tactical and psychological.

Players will discuss with their coach verbal, visual and written feedback on a regular basis to ensure they are continuously improving.

Sessions are flexible around your current schedule and each player will be coached with his or her individual goals, strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Personalised Coaching

Tailored coaching for individuals or small groups

To find out more about our personalised programs get in touch with our coaching team today by calling 02 9119 3682


Intense coaching program for youth players wishing to take their game to the next level

1 on 1 - $70pp
2 on 1 - $40pp
3 on 1 - $30pp
4 on 1 - $25pp
5 on 1 - $20pp
6 and above $15pp
 U8 - U20
Inner West
@KIKOFF Fraser Park
Monday - Saturday
6am - 4pm
Canterbury Bankstown
@KIKOFF Canterbury
Monday - Saturday
8am - 4pmPick any two days
Northern Beaches
@KIKOFF Harbord
Monday - Saturday
6am - 4pm
Eastern Suburbs
@Heffron Park
Monday - Saturday
8am - 4pm
Football Training