Kikstarters is a program for 18 months to 5 year olds that gives kids the basis for a life of sport by concentrating on gross motor skills.


Gross motor skills require recruitment and co-ordination of the major muscle groups. They develop and improve self and spatial awareness, balance, and both foot-eye and hand-eye coordination. Proper motor skill development will facilitate activities that require the left and right sides, and top and bottom sections of the body to perform independently of one another.

Running – Exercises that require rapid movement and unexpected changes of direction are great to assist develop gross motor coordination. Coaching the co-ordination of opposite arm and leg movement can begin here.

Progressions on running include:

  • Chasing and dodging
  • Shadowing and reaction based activities
  • Ball carrying and tossing activities
  • Dribbling a ball with feet, hands or stick handling

Ball play – Kicking, rolling, throwing, striking and catching balls are some great ways to encourage gross motor development and you don’t need anything more that a ball and a little bit of room. As motor skills develop we can vary the ball size, weight and shape to make the activity more challenging.
Foot-eye and hand-eye co-ordination is greatly developed through such games and activities.

Balancing – Try games that involve static balance in both stable and unstable positions. Begin with them on their feet and progress to supine and prone positions where different body parts are needed for support.

These gross motor skills should first be developed on their own before attempting to combine them into more complex circuits.

The KIKSTARTER program is also part of a membership club that organises a fun new activity for 2-6 year olds every weekend in Sydney’s Inner West? Head to Little Carousel: Weekly Kids’s Activities to find out more.


Kikstarters sessions run for toddlers during term time. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and numbers are limited (max 6 per coach) to ensure your child gets the attention they need. To register for a program please click on the links in the table.
Come down and try us out - no charge if you decide not to continue after the first session!
Cost: $150 per school term
2 - 3 years
3-4 year olds
4-5 year olds
Fraser ParkFriday 9.45amFriday 10.30amFriday 11.15am
Eastern Suburbs
(Heffron Park)
Thursday 9.45amThursday 10.30amThursday 11.15am


Register for our program and come down for a taster, we won’t charge you until you confirm you wish to continue!

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