SAS Football Development Centre

The FIRST UK soccer agency in Australia looking to unearth and develop hidden talent.

The Football Development Centre is a professional program designed to coach soccer players in Sydney techniques inspired from the top academies in world football. What makes us very different from anyone else in Australia, is that you will also receive professional representation from our SAS Pro Agency representatives along the way. If you are deemed good enough to sign for a semi-pro/professional club whilst training with us, we will provide you with our services outlined on the SAS Pro Football Agency page.

Whether you are playing for a club or looking for an opportunity, register today!

You will receive regular training to increase your coaching hours. The Football Development Centre includes top class coaching and strength/conditioning advice. This will develop and prepare you as a footballer to give you the best possible chance of exploiting one of our many pathways in to professional football.

The SAS ambassadors are well-respected ex-professional players. Players will receive advice from ex-professionals that have played at the highest level – Bryan Robson (Captain of Man Utd and England), Asa Hartford (played in World Cup for Scotland and played for Man City) & Len Cantello (300 apps for West Brom – scored v Man Utd at Old Trafford.) This is invaluable experience that other academies and football representation companies cannot provide.

I have known Len Cantello since joining West Bromwich Albion as a 15 year old and learned so much from him. I am sure Sport Advisory Services with Len and their team will be invaluable in helping young players in achieving their dreams of becoming a pro footballer” – Bryan Robson, Captain of England & Manchester Utd
Sport Advisory Services

Whether you are playing for a club or looking for an opportunity, register today!

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We specialise in exposing players to as many different pathways and options in order to realise their dream. Not only do we have contacts in Australia, but we have first hand contacts with managers and top officials at professional clubs in the UK, USA, Europe, India and many more.

To maximize your exposure to scouts, you can also attend our showcase trials. If you want more information on this, visit our showcase trials page.

The SAS Football Development Centre requires commitment and dedication. If you come to every session, you will see significant improvements in technical ability, fitness, agility and your all round play.

You will also benefit from working with industry leading strength/conditioning coaches from ASSA (Academy of Speed Sport Agility). They will provide sessions to maximise your physical condition in order to gain a competitive edge over other players in your age group trying to make it as a professional footballer. You will receive a nutrition / injury prevention / strength/speed program for you to do in your own time.

This level of training and exposure to SAS contacts worldwide, provides players with a realistic pathway in to professional football. Whether that is in Australia or further afield, our Registered Lawyers and Licensed Agents at the SAS Pro Football Agency have the ability to get you training with a professional club if we believe you are of the required standard.

Soccer representation is about managing expectations – not every child has the ability to play for Manchester United or Real Madrid, but we can maximise your own ability to give you a fighting chance of making it somewhere in the world.