Team Training

KIKOFF’s Team Training has been established to assist those teams who are seeking qualified and experienced coaches to help you throughout the season. We recognise that in order for young footballers to have the best soccer experience possible, a structured yet fun environment led by the best coaches around is necessary.

KIKOFF’s team training will be held at KIKOFF locations, but days and times could be flexible to suit the teams needs. Simply contact your local centre, and the manager while be able to advise available times to suit your team.

We can tailor our programs to match different age groups and different needs. Knowing that each team we work with is different, Kikoff coaches will develop a plan to suit every team’s needs. After an introductory session, the coach will devise a plan based around that team.

We will ensure every individual will improve technically, tactically, socially and physically. Having vast experience in player development, we promise we will improve every team that trains in our environment. We know football evolves around the match, and having teams train together under professional guidance will see players thrive.


Perfect for Who?

Teams of all ages and levels looking for a professional coach!

Team Training

Tailored coaching for teams

To find out more about our team training get in touch with our coaching team today by calling 02 9119 3682


$165 per 10 weeks at KIKOFF Locations

$180 per 10 weeks at other venues

Minimum 10 week block, extended blocks available upon request.

Adam was and remains one of our finest trainers. In my twenty years of employing young soccer coaches Adam stood out and its only a small few year after year that can replicate his body of work.
Adams technical ability to teach and demonstrate are second to none but this is not why he stands out for me. To some degree at the next level i expect all trainers to have that as a given. What makes Adam unique is his sincerity to teaching and coaching. He get its and i mean he really gets it. Its more than a job. Adam strives for excellence in his own standards and those he works with.

David Rush, Challenger Sports