tiger street soccer

After a momentous, wild-weathered weekend, which included a hustle of swift kicks, critical saves and victorious goals, the Australia’s Tiger Street Football Tournament has wrapped up for 2014.

Spectators at KIKOFF Fraser Park, witnessed blood, sweat and tears throughout the three-day competition, which saw, Sydney team, Latin Lover’s win the competition after a tournament of undefeated games.

Latin Lover’s captain, Sandro Arce, said that the team members, who are all of South American descent, had been brought together by their love for soccer. “That’s the thing, soccer is something which allows you to meet people, from different countries as well. You come together, you get along and you play,” said Arce. He said the competition had been pretty tough from the beginning, due to playing against a wide array of players, especially the younger players who were quite energetic.

Overall, Arce said the team had thoroughly enjoyed competing in the tournament, were extremely proud of winning the trophy and of course, are excited about the international tournaments that lie ahead. Latin Lover’s have been awarded three all-expenses paid trips to Cambodia, Mongolia and Singapore to play on behalf of Australia, during August-September thisyear. They will also have the opportunity to win over US$44,000 in the international competition.