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Urban Rec are flipping excited to be expanding their mixed social league from Fraser Park to Kensington. From a humble beginning three years ago soccer lovers have fallen in love with their Caged Soccer league. Playing with no out’s and off the cages means all our members get a great workout, and develop their ball skills quickly. It’s super fun.

But, this league is not just for experienced folk. Urban Rec welcomes and invites all newbies, and beginners to join in. This is the league you play when you are learning, or haven’t played in a long time. It’s simply for fun. While we love a bit of healthy competition, we prioritize keeping the douche bags out and the fun, like-minded people in. It means you leave soccer feeling like you have had a fun night out, as well as a good workout.

We encourage all of our players to have as much fun off the field as on the field. We encourage team to get together up the road for a few drinks after the game, we even reward the team or individual who we thought played the best and fairest each week, with…. A jug of BEER!

So, how do they keep the league fun, and not too competitive? Well each week your opposition score you a “Rec Point” score out of 5. If you played fun and fair the higher the competition will score you. The points are kept secret, and at the end of the season these points are added up to decide who was the most “Rec Team” of the season. The winners get a $100 bar voucher. So there are more ways to win. The actual winners of the competition walk away with highly south after Urban Rec Champions T-shirts, which only a select few teams have won over the years!

You can register online as an individual, and get matched with a team of peeps, (a great way to meet new people in this big city) or you can register a team, and make a firm way to catch up with your mate’s mid-week. Either way, guaranteed you will be socialising with the other teams before the end of the season.  

Come and join us for Sydney’s only genuine social, and sports league, where we do so much more than just sports. We foster fun, and good times for all the legendary humans of Sydney. 

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