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We at Kikoff are aware that perfect practice makes perfect. That’s why we have taken the time to assemble a team of not only FFA Accredited coaches with over a decade of coaching experience worldwide, but also a team that are qualified in psychology, sports performance, physical education and sports management.

To compliment our team we have set up the KIKOFF Conditioning Studio and offer customised programs for individuals or small groups. The studio is set up with the highest quality equipment to assist our trainers in helping you achieve your goals.

For more information contact our staff on 02 9119 3674 or email our Conditioning Team. A range of programs, sessions and classes will commence in July 2017, sign up to our mailing list down the page to access exclusive opening offers.

KIKOFF Football Conditioning Studio


All of our sessions are personalised to suit your individual circumstances, goals, needs and physical capabilities.

Whether you are an athlete currently in off-season, pre-season or in-season looking to get quicker, stronger and fitter OR an athletic person looking to reach a higher performance level our coaches will personalise your full program.


Our semi-private classes produce amazing results due to not only the individualisation you get from our coaches but also the motivation and accountability that comes from the team environment.

This programming is suitable for both competitive athletes and non-competitive people looking to reach a new level of physical and mental performance.



Most team sports include athletes who are some of the fittest in the world. They can run all day, jump high, run fast, kick, throw, catch all whilst fighting off opposition.

Their training sessions see them being pushed further than they would on their own which helps them reach new limits of performance.


If you want players who can run faster for longer whilst still maintaining their technique then strength, power, speed and conditioning training are critical.

Our coaches can lead a gym session for your squad and have it personalised to suit the needs of your players, goals and phase of the season.

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Football is the largest participation sport in NSW and these players invest a lot of time and commitment to the game at all levels – why not train specifically for it?

Valuable training time is being wasted by well intentioned players performing fitness drills and strength exercises that have very little transfer on to the football pitch.

Millions of players worldwide are continuously reducing their maximum performance potential and increasing their injury risk by not prioritising their physical development.


By assessing your goals, movement efficiency and fitness capabilities we will be able to design a training plan that will enable you to use your technical ability quicker, longer and doing so with no interruption of injury.

Whether you are looking to last longer on the field, repeat high intensity efforts quicker, increase speed, power, strength or just become a more resilient player, our coaches will help you reach your goal.

We cater for individual players and whole squads. All programs can be structured to suit what phase of season it is, and managed according to other current work loads.


Dependant on the goals we will need to meet and train  with them at least once per week. After the initial assessment and your goals are clear we will then construct a plan that will ensure you get where you have never been before.

Players may be expected to complete additional instructions/sessions away from our trainers dependant on their goals.