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4 x 12 week season specific programs
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Programs designed to maximise performance based on stage of the season. Registration currently open for the OFF SEASON which runs from September 25 until December 16.  Find out more about the off season classes here.

Most team sports include athletes who are some of the fittest in the world. They can run all day, jump high, run fast, kick, throw, catch all whilst fighting off opposition.

Their training sessions see them being pushed further than they would on their own which helps them reach new limits of performance.

Our coaches have put together carefully planned group conditioning sessions that isn’t just a workout, it is training. You will be working towards improving specific goals during our different phases of training which will ensure you are moving better, feeling better and performing better.


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Packages are valid for the duration of the program, if you miss a week you can make a class up the following week. Pick a package based on the number of classes you think you will attend per week.


To access your free trial for access to unlimited sessions for 7 days simply register using the button below and select the class you wish to try (max one free session per client).

12 Class Package

$300   $250
$25 $20.83 per class
approx. 1 class per week

24 Class Package

$550 $450
$23 $18.75 per class
approx. 2 classes per week

36 Class Package

$750 $600
$21 $16.67 per class
approx. 3 classes per week

48 Class Package

$900 $720
$19 $15 per class
approx. 4 classes per week


These sessions are strictly 18+, for Youth conditioning programs for players aged 10-17 click here

6amAerobic BaseLower Body Strength & PowerAerobic BaseUpper Body Strength & PowerAerobic Base
7amUpper Body Strength & PowerAerobic BaseSpeed & PowerAerobic BaseLower Body Strength & PowerSpeed & Power
8amLower Body Strength & PowerUpper Body Strength & PowerLower Body Strength & PowerLower Body Strength & PowerUpper Body Strength & PowerAerobic Base
9amLower Body Strength & Power
5pmSpeed & PowerLower Body Strength & Power
6pmLower Body Strength & PowerUpper Body Strength & PowerUpper Body Strength & PowerSpeed & Power
7pmUpper Body Strength & Power

Dunbar Rovers Team Training

Lower Body Strength & Power

Dunbar Rovers Team Training


The most important time of the season.

The purpose is off-season is to give your body the opportunity to recover from a long season and also provide players the chance to work on some weaknesses technically and physically without the interruption of training or games.

Whilst some players may think it is a good idea to continue working on football specific running during this time to try arrive back in pre-season super fit, they are actually setting themselves up for failure long term.


After 7-10 months of training and games, your body is both physically and mentally exhausted from the same movements and patterns of play.

Although some may not feel it, without taking time away from fitness that mimics the game demands you will either burn out, peak too early or even get injured.

Off-Season is the chance to build a solid foundation of general fitness whilst also enabling you to improve your weaknesses and recover.

Once this foundation is built you are able to do all your specific work in pre-season and in-season, which now have a much larger base to be built on top of (think of a pyramid), meaning, they have more potential to also improve.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard, but you also have to work smart.

Being able to return to pre-season fresh, excited, injury free and relatively fit is the ideal situation for players and coaches.

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