In-Season Football Conditioning E-Book

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Welcome to the KIKOFF Conditioning Football In-Season guide for 2018!

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a better football player by investing in your training.

Inside there is a 12-week training program which uses tried and tested methods for developing a footballer’s endurance, speed, strength and power during the football season.

Football In-Season Training
Conditioning Training on Football Filed

What’s Inside?

Just like our pre-season guide, the program has been split into three phases. Although this time with a different end goal than what you encountered in pre-season.


We have designed the program in a way that will enable you to simply repeat the 12 week continuously throughout the year and see constant performance benefits right up until the last game of the season.

If you do repeat the cycle, all you have to do is adjust any rest periods or weight used to complement your new and improved fitness levels.

Demonstration Videos for Every Exercise

Full Weekly Program Schedule for each Phase

Off-Season Conditioning Phase Schedule


We start every 12 week cycle with a reset. This is by no means a period of avoiding hard work. However it is a point where intensity is at the lowest in the three phases.

We use this to build on the next two phases to ramp up the intensity. This reset will be a key phase in ensuring we are still able to perform at a high quality come the end of the season.

After this phase you will be fresh. You will have felt good on match days and be ready to increase the workload.


Much like the pre-season where our second phase was building speed and improving the quality of our work, this phase will see us performing high intensity running but at a lower volume with recovery times similar to that of match days.

Strength and power work will also be at a low volume but the weights will get heavier on strength day and on power days you will be using different loads and change up the exercises.

By the end of this cycle you will have built confidence in your physical ability and start to be aware of the new found strength and improved recovery time.


After 8 weeks of ramping up intensity we are now at the peak. This is where recovery may be shorter on the rest periods during runs and additionally weights are at their heaviest but volume is even lower.

By the end of this cycle you will feel stronger, faster and sharper. However you will be ready for a reset!