Football player making gesture

Spare a thought for your 5-a-side league team captain, he’s the one that has the task of getting you all to turn up to the game, not an easy feat! Check out a typical day in the life of a 5-a-side football captain below!

8pm (night before game):

Check website for kick-off time tomorrow. “8pm kick-off”. Yes should be able to get most the boys at that time. I better get message sent out on whatsapp group:

“8pm kick-off tomorrow lads. Against “Murder on Zidane’s Floor”, smashed them last time! Who’s in?”

6 people reply rapidly – easy. Definitely got a team for tomorrow.

9pm (night before game):

Class, got a decent squad already for tomorrow, even got a keeper! Wish it could be this easy every week. Right better remind them about money, Stevie and Baz owe from last week and everyone else needs to transfer a tenner.

8am (day of game):

Message from Stevie; “got to look after little ones tonight mate, I won’t make it. Transferred you the money from last weeks game.”

Right I need to get to work, Stevie’s crap anyway – I’ll sort that out at lunch.


#@$% sake… Moey can’t make it now either he reckons’ he’s got to stay late at work.


Right I need to get a couple more lads, those two Brazilian’s were decent the other week I’ll see if they can play.


Get in, both of them can play. Do I make them pay? Yeah it’s only fair on the other boys.


The Brazilian’s can’t make it now, brilliant. GroupChat it is: “Lads, need a couple more players for tonight, anyone know anyone”.

Nothing. Right I’ll ring the centre and let them know we are struggling for players and see if we can re-arrange.

No joy. Going to have to pay other teams fees if we can’t get team together! We’ll be there.


Message from Georgio and he can’t play now! We are struggling, need to win tonight as well to stay in play-offs.


Get in, Moey’s got out of work and can play again. Back in action! I’ll see if John’s down there when we get there, or any of the lads in the office can play.


3 players still aren’t there – “they’re just stuck in traffic ref, will be 2 minutes”.


Got 6 players – at least we’ve got 1 sub. We’ll be alright!


Won 7-4, get in! Good job we had a keeper. Right lads, who hasn’t paid yet?

“Will transfer when I get home mate, send me details again”. I’ve sent them in the group chat three times.


Right lads, we’re paying upfront next season!

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