Player Accident Insurance

KIKOFF Soccer Centres Pty Ltd conducts business with Policies of Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance in place.


All persons entering the premises of KIKOFF accept responsibility for any injury or illness arising out of or in connection with their participation in activities at the premises.


Private Health Insurance may cover injury or illness arising out of or in connection with their participation in activities at the premises but please check with your own Insurance provider as this statement is not Insurance or Legal advice.

Fees for pitch hire or any other services that are offered by KIKOFF Soccer Centres Pty Ltd do not include Personal Accident Insurance. It is up to each participant to have their own insurance that covers them in the event of an injury.

KIKOFF Soccer Centres Pty Ltd have a Personal Accident Policy in place for registered players in our 5-a-side competitions and football coaching programs. This does not extend to players involved in competitions or coaching conducted by a third party. If you are unsure if you are covered by our policy then you should contact us in writing prior to play.


Registered Players

Players are deemed to be registered when they are listed as

1/ a player in a team participating in one of our 5-a-side competitions

2/ an individual taking part in one of our coaching programs

Players must register at the start of every season/program and registrations do not roll over into the following season


Injury and Claims Procedure

It is imperative that you follow the injury procedure even if you do not end up making a claim:

After you sustain an injury you must report your injury within 48 hours to your centre administrator who will in turn fill out a Injury Report Form for local administration purposes.

If you wish to make a claim then you must then download our insurer’s Injury Claim Form

CLICK HERE to download a Injury Claim Form for all venues

When you have completed part one please email a copy of this section to [email protected] and we will confirm your registration.

KIKOFF  will also provide you with the game card (in the event of 5-a-side competitions) or a copy of your registration (in the event of football coaching programs) that is essential to start your claim. If you are not registered then we can not provide this and the insurer will refuse your claim.

The next steps are outlined on the claim form and all claims and receipts should be sent directly to the insurer and not be given to KIKOFF.