Pre-Season Football Conditioning E-Book

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Welcome to the KIKOFF Conditioning Football Pre-Season guide for 2018!


Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a better football player by investing in your training.


Inside this e-book there is a six-week training program which uses tried and tested methods for developing a footballer’s endurance, speed, strength and power.


More importantly, whilst many pre-season training plans focus on short term results only to see players tire towards the business end of the season, the KIKOFF Pre-Season 2018 program has been designed to prepare your body for the whole season.

Pre-Season Football training Ebook
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What’s Inside?

Inside the ebook you’ll find a full program too get you ready for the season. Broken down into three phases the program provides you with performance testing, recovery guidelines and a 6-week program with easy to print instructions to maximise your results.

There are also a series of videos explaining the exercises you need to undertake to ensure you can complete the program without having to come to our Conditioning Studio.

There are two programs included depending on your starting fitness level so the E-Book is perfect for all players wanting to prepare for the season.

35 Demonstration Videos for Every Exercise

Full Weekly Program Schedule for each Phase

Off-Season Conditioning Phase Schedule


This phase uses lower intensities but higher volumes to prepare your body to be able to recover quicker

from high intensity actions whilst also gradually introducing you to the harder more strenuous sessions in phase 2 and 3.

No matter what level of fitness you are at it is critical that you complete these two weeks.

DO NOT make the mistake of diving straight into high intensity training in week 1 and 2 of pre-season. You may make short term fitness gains but long term you will plateau and the risk of injury will also increase.

This is the foundation. The bigger this is, the bigger the improvements in Phase 2 and 3 can be.


Now that you have prepared your body and built up some volume we can now introduce some higher intensities.

This is the phase where we will work on more quality work as opposed to quantity. This is where our high intensity actions are improved, remember, these are the game winning moments!

Improving sprint time, strength and using powerful runs to work on aerobic power is the goal here.


The last phase will use the high-quality work we gained in phase 2 and work on being able to repeat that in quick succession.

Whilst this type of running doesn’t happen all too often in a match, it’s essential we still touch on it. It will also enable us to build a reserve of fitness that we can utilise later in the match.

In the last few minutes if you have to make that bursting run into the box do you want to be able to do it just as well as you could in the first minute?