2018 summer football

Summer Soccer

Our Junior Summer Soccer is different to other programs as we not only organise games but our professional coaches also work with the players to improve their skills. Each week the players will train for 30-45 minutes before the game,learning game play scenarios through a series of drills, after which the coach remains on the field to referee a 30 minute game between the two teams, offering guidance throughout.

Each 60 minute session includes warm-up, cool-down and debrief with the coach letting the players know after the game where they can improve for the following week. KIKOFF Summer Soccer works just like other Futsal, 5-a-side or 6-a-side competitions but we offer football coaching with every game in addition to the match, and from just $165 per player we offer the best value Summer Soccer in Sydney! Each division/age group last for the duration of term 4 and finishes before Christmas.

term four summer football program

Coaching and Competition

KIKOFF Summer Soccer is run by our Qualified Coaches

You can register as an individual or as a team, simply choose your facility and age group from the list below and sign up! We will upload the times for your sessions at the start of the season so you know when you need to turn up. Holiday Camps are also available in the September holidays to get you warmed up for the season!

Summer Soccer starts October 15


Choose your location and click the program title to be taken through to registration.

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$165 at KIKOFF Venues
$185 at other Venues

includes playing shirt and insurance

Choose your location and click the program title to be taken through to registration.