Jordan Figon

Prior to meeting Gary, I have had previous experience in regards to strength and conditioning training. Overall, my body, i.e. health, fitness, strength etc was at a decent standard, possibly higher than the average footballer at the NPL level.

I am still currently playing in the NPL, however, my game has improved dramatically since working with Gary. I have been very consistent with my performances, and have been able to maintain a high standard, and stay injury free during overloading periods (a month of mid week games). I have never played as many games, since coming back from my four knee operations.

Gary was able to refine, and improve some key areas of my performance, taking it to a whole new level. My explosive power off the mark, aerial ability, muscular endurance, balance, strength to hold off and push away from opposition, as well as being mobile are some of the
key aspects that were worked on, which ultimately enhanced my performance.

Outside of the gym and pitch, I learnt how important it was to look after my body, in terms of recovery and preparation for training and games. Gary helped me tweak my diet, as i had trouble eating before morning sessions, and more often than not, would go without any food or drink prior to training. This was very beneficial to me, as i was able to perform better in the gym and on the training field.

He taught me that having the discipline off the field, was vital to performing on it. Which is why i now put so much time and effort in to making sure, i give myself the best chance to recover, and prepare for the upcoming week.

I would/have recommended this type of training to friends and team mates, as i believe its essential to player performance. With someone like Gary, he designs a program that specifically caters to you, and your playing position. Vital to improving performance on the park,
by making the necessary changes off it.

The training differs from other performance based training simply because its not generalised and is specific to what you need. Football training has the tendency to cover what the team requires, rather than focusing on individual requirements, and working with Gary provides that link.

I have had nothing but good experiences with Gary, and it was unfortunate that i wasn’t able to work with him longer than i did. In saying that, i would relish the opportunity to work with him at some stage again, in the near future.