KIKOFF - the best soccer experience for 5-a-side in Sydney

With 4 state of the art football facilities across Sydney we’re number one for 5-a-side football leagues, the biggest provider of bubble football, and we have more kids football camps than anyone else.

Our centres have high quality facilities that are available to hire for any occasion. In short, KIKOFF is your ultimate soccer location!

Fancy a kickabout?

Book a pitch at your local centre

Bounce much?

Play bubble soccer at KIKOFF

Youth Development

Holiday camps, clinics and weekly coaching, it’s all here

Test yourself against the opposition

Join a league and get playing

Kids Football Parties

Regular or bubble soccer, you decide

Football Conditioning

Visit our custom football conditioning studio

Our Football Coaching pathway has the aim to “Become THE leading youth development structure, igniting a passion for football, and improving and progressing as many individuals as possible to a future involved in the game”. We provide an enjoyable, supportive and encouraging environment for players, coaches, and families. We encourage the development of character, self-confidence and the skills to enable each player to fulfil their potential as an athlete, team player and leader both on and off the field, all under the oversight of professional coaches.

At KIKOFF Soccer Centres you can get together for the ultimate soccer game with your mates, play in our football tournaments for great prizes, or arrange a children’s birthday soccer party with football, dodgeball, bubble soccer and more.

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