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When Should my Kids Start Playing Football?

Soccer coaching kids
If your kids have seen football on TV, or have an older sibling who plays, they may have told you they also want to play. But how young is too young? And if your kids are serious about football, what’s the best age to get them started so they can build the necessary skills to play for their local clubs?


Here are some guides based on their ages:

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The Best Kids Soccer in the Inner West

There are many different soccer clubs in the Inner West, but it’s important to choose carefully. If this is the first time your kids have played soccer, their impression of the sport will be formed quickly. That’s why it’s so important that they have a positive experience, so they can associate soccer with fun and will want to continue playing. Continue reading…

Creating a learning environment – Part 2

Football Coach
In my last article entry, I touched briefly on archaic coaching methodologies and their prevalence in the world of youth sport. Ultimately, I wanted to address one key issue – whether or not the command style, dictator coach still has a place, or a meaningful impact, when it comes to creating a learning environment for young players? Or if its time they hung the boots up (shocking football pun) in favour of a more player-centered approach? Continue reading…